Jasmine Robinson-Ellis, MD
Anesthesia Resident

Damaris delivers on the impossible! Leaving Louisville, Kentucky with a new baby, in the middle of a pandemic, was always going to be difficult. She took the assignment in stride.

Within a few weeks, she captured our needs and taste and delivered on our forever home in an oasis minutes from the city! We close in less than a month and are over the moon about returning to our hometown to be with our family and friends!

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Elissa and Vasili

Let me start with a moment of self awareness and reflection- I can't imagine we were easy clients to have. Not because of anything negative or disrespectful, but because we were complete noobs coming into the home buying process. 

Damaris had to deal with two highly motivated and detail oriented people who had NO IDEA about which details to fixate over or where to pour our energy into. For us, the start of this process was a delicate balance of curiosity, frustration at our own cluelessness, and dealing with the overwhelming volume of things to consider. That's where Damaris really made her mark.

For every question and spontaneous concern that popped up (there were oh so many...), Damaris had answers and counsel. Even though I felt like a 5 year old repeating "why?" after every answer, I was happy to discover a sound rationale, strategy, and objective analysis around everything that Damaris recommended. From comps, to house visits, inspection, and to the closing end game - the consistent thread was that Damaris wasn't just a resource, but a cheerful guide and companion. 

By the way, this whole process seemed full of moments where homebuyers (especially first time noobs like us) are in place to get fleeced by everyone in the long chain of people who exist in this ecosystem. Now listen, there's no one sweeter than Damaris in the business. She takes things in stride with a beaming smile and a very contagious laugh. We needed that throughout the many stressful and confusing stages of purchasing a house. But, when it came to being a staunch negotiator and fierce advocate for us - Damaris reins Queen. She was able to push through all of our post inspection modifications that included credits toward future remodels and having things repaired before we closed. We always felt like we had someone in our corner protecting us from the many people who would otherwise take advantage.

The long story short is that on the other end of this process we have come out with a beautiful dream home, a very enlightened foundation of knowledge around home buying, and an appreciation for how lucky we were to have Damaris there with us. While I can't guarantee that this will be our "forever home" I can with certainty say that Damaris is our forever realtor.

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